Alrighty, the new AP Poll is out and here it is…

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan

4. Clemson

5. Washington

6. Texas A&M

7. Louisville

8. Nebraska

9. Baylor

10. Wisconsin 

11. Houston

12. West Virginia

13. Florida State

14. Boise State

15. Florida

16. Oklahoma

17. Arkansas

18. Tennessee

19. Utah

20. Western Michigan 

21. Auburn

22. North Carolina

23. Ole Miss

24. Navy

25. LSU

***watch Thursday night as two teams who have recently dropped out look for a spot once again in the top 25…Miami @ Virginia Tech

Shceduling Update

Hey guys, we’ve come out with a new post schedule…

Sunday- CFB Rundown

Monday- CFB Rankings 

Tuesday- None

Wednesday- Heisman Watch

Thursday- None 

Friday- Saturday What to Watch/game picks 

Saturday- any breaking news 

Check in tonight for yesterday’s rundown 

Week 7 Heisman Watch

Not much has changed as most Heisman Hopefuls didn’t have many big games, but here’s another brief look at the standings. We’ll leave it simple this week but check back next week for a detail one following some big Heisman games during Week 7. 

1- Lamar Jackson 

Still the front runner is Lamar. He’s not shown us anything to make us believe otherwise. If you want to watch exciting football, watch this kid play 

2- J. T. Barrett

Ohio State quarterback still looks good heading into Week 7, but he’s got a huge test on the road against 8 Wisconsin.  

3- Deshaun Watson

Watson improving but not near where he was last year. Hopefully he continues to improve and get back to that next level. 

4- Jake Browning

After a good performance against a weak Oregon defense, Jake Browning’s on the rise. We’ll see if he keeps it up.

5. Christian McCaffrey

I’ll put it simple…he needs a big game. He hasn’t lived up to the hype this year and needs to get himself and his team back on track, it’s that simple. 

Week 7 CFB AP Rankings 

Here’s a take at this weeks AP Rankings for College Football…

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Clemson

4. Michigan 

5. Washington

6. Texas A&M

7. Louisville 

8. Wisconsin 

9. Tennessee 

10. Nebraska 

11. Baylor

12. Ole Miss 

13. Houston

14. Florida State

15. Boise State

16. Miami

17. Virginia Tech

18. Florida 

19. Oklahoma 

20. West Virginia

21. Utah

22. Arkansas 

23. Auburn

24. Western Michigan

25. Navy

Week 6 Rundown

Five things to know….

1. Bama rolls over Arkansas 

2. Washington rolls even more over Oregon

3. Texas A&M holds of Tennessee comeback with the help of 7 Volunteer turnovers 

4. Virginia Tech crushes UNC in terrible weather 

5. Florida State knocks off Miami with blocked game-tying extra point

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Week 6 What to Watch

With some big games in Week 6 of College Football, this is what you should look out for…

1. Tennessee @ Texas A&M

2. Alabama @ Arkansas 

3. Virginia Tech @ North Carolina 

4. Florida State @ Miami

5. Texas @ Oklahoma 

Those are what games we predict will be the most exciting and the best to watch. Comment on your picks and any input you have. Also be sure to check out and follow out twitter @WiseMenHeisman

Week 6 Pick’em

Here’s a look at our picks of the big games this week…

1. 9 Tennessee @ 8 Texas A&M- Texas A&M by 7

2. 20 Oklahoma @ Texas-Oklahoma by 10

3. 25 Virginia Tech @ 17 North Carolina- North Carolina by 1.5

4.  20 Florida State University @ 10 Miami (FL)-Miami (FL) by 3.                                         


     Each week we’ll take the top games of the week and give our prediction on the point differential and of course our favorite to win. Check in every Thursday night for our weekly picks.

Week 6 Heisman Watch

Here’s a look at this years Heisman Race after Week 5…

1. Lamar Jackson 

            Despite a loss at Clemson, Lamar Jackson outplayed fellow Heisman opponent Deshaun Watson and hold onto his front-runner position. 

2. J.T Barrett

           Barrett racked up another impressive performance in another Ohio State blowout. He keeps on winning and performing a high level. 

3. Deshaun Watson

        Watson played okay in the win vs Louisville but still nothing like last year. He through 3 INT despite a couple TD’s but still needs improvement in accuracy and his running. We’ll see if he continues to pick it up. 

4. Christian McCaffrey

       McCaffrey dropped a spot after being shut down against Washington in a blowout. He’ll need some big performances to get back in contention for the top spot. 

5. Jake Browning 

          Washington’s QB, Jake Browning, has had somewhat of a breakout year and he jumps into the top 5 following a blowout of Stanford. We’ll see if he continues to rise up in the ranks. 

Week 6 Top 25

Here’s a look at Week 6’s AP Top 25…
1. Alabama 

2. Ohio State

3. Clemson

4. Michigan

5. Washington

6. Houston

7. Louisville 

8. Texas A&M

9. Tennessee 

10. Miami 

11. Wisconsin

12. Nebraska 

13. Baylor 

14. Ole Miss

15. Stanford 

16. Arkansas 

17. North Carolina 

18. Florida 

19. Boise State

20. Oklahoma 

21. Colorado 

22. West Virginia 

23. Florida State 

24. Utah

25. Virginia Tech

Check back tomorrow for the NFL’s Heisman of the Week!

Week 5 Rundown

Here comes your quick rundown of a crazy Week 5 of College Football

What to know:

-Tennessee survives @ Georgia on last second Hail Mary 

– Michigan holds off Wisconsin in old-fashioned battle of top 10 teams sealed with and incredible one-handed pic

– Washington steamrolls Stanford on the Friday night top 10 battle

And of course…

-Clemson survives on 4th down stop to hold off 19pt comeback by Louisville

Check back tomorrow for the new set of AP Rankings and keep coming back everyday for new posts and updates.